Dating Bill of Rights

Where do we learn or teach our rights and reasonable expectations when we date or are in relationship with another person? It seems our young people may be especially at need right now, to have a sense of their bodies, and the consequences of not listening to one another, and oneself. Particularly girls, as now in this historic moment, more seems at stake for a female body.

No doubt tons of energy is being tossed around right now, depending on where someone sits on the issues, and their idea of the preciousness of sharing one’s love and body. The idea of a Dating Bill of Rights exists in many forms online and has been distributed for years by organizations educating us all on the rights of one another.

From babies up through one’s entire life, to fully understand and respect that our body is our own isn’t often a shared concept. To feel clear and strong that no one has the right to touch our body or make us do something we don’t want to, and vice versa, that is a healthy knowledge and practice to have.

May we appreciate, understand and help protect one another’s Personal Bill of Rights.

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