For years Anne has been curious about the different phases we all go through as part of life and living. In this culture, we hear so much about youth, yet we tend to overlook that each decade lived offers different things of value to share, learn and contribute. And lessons earned. There is no clear path to follow for aging, no gold watch or traditional retirement at 65. No tradition or standard of any kind or idea of what to expect.

We are designing it as we go along. If we have our health, and mobility in our 70s, 80’s 90s, then what we can do and are interested to do certainly expands.

This blog is Anne’s way to share her curiosity, favoritisms and musings about Aging Deliciously.  Maybe you’ll comment along the way.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this blog Anne! The subject matter is wonderful and much needed. Elegantly written and yummy to read. Thank you for putting this out there and sharing with us.

    1. I appreciate hearing that Kara. I also invite suggestions of topics, back and forth conversing and whatever really that feels like aging deliciously inspired 🙂

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