Do we notice what we say, do and think in a day? Where  we spend our time, energy and resources  tells us what we value.  Do our actions, words and thoughts impact our world, our family, our experiences? Often we hear we want the world to change, yet somehow that can seem beyond our control or influence. Yet lately it feels the world has stopped business as usual, maybe in order for us to take the time to look and see what is and is not working for our human world.

Whether we choose to be intentional or unintentional with our time, thoughts, energy and resources it is doubtful our world can be as it was before. What is the world we want to be part? Many of us had the illusion the world we lived in matched more closely what Disney movies showed us. Yet we are starting to better see that Disney movies hardly resembled anyone’s truth. Yet in seeing there has been a bigger underbelly than we fully realized, we also acknowledge it is now seeing the light of day. And it can feel like chaos. And with the light and chaos comes opportunity.

We can choose to be part of moving this “ship” around to better reflect what we want more of in this world. And we need be honest too in noticing how we could choose  words, thoughts and actions to better support the world we say we want. We do have an impact.

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