Changing Our Minds

“A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will. ” -Proverb

In these uncertain times, changing our minds might be the way to change the world to be one that works for everyone. As we are physical distancing and sheltering in place, we have a different kind of  time on our hands. Maybe we are noticing more of who and what is around us. We might be more and more aware every day how the world has not been working for our families, ourselves and those marginalized including the hungry, homeless and sick among us. Maybe we saw it but weren’t sure what to do or how to help. We were overwhelmed. Systems were in place and clearly not working. And now everything has stopped. S T O P P E D.

Yet every system, procedure, even belief we have was imagined or told to us by a person. We can re-examine everything. Man-made systems, rules, laws, institutions, policies etc. And when they don’t work or no longer work, we can change them. With new thinking and the will to follow through we can change our minds and change our lives. At the  micro and macro levels.  We often try hard to change a person or a system rather than ourselves but far easier to change ourselves for  long range change. Now we have the time to contemplate what we need, can do and can think differently about in order to have the relationships, communities and kinder world we say we want.


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