The Path

There is no set path. Just follow your heart. 

This quote from an unknown source is on a greeting card. We often grapple with what to do, or what is right or what is right for us right now. You’d think knowing what your heart wanted or what we were meant to do would be obvious to us. After all, we are inside our bodies and minds, shouldn’t we know ourselves and read ourselves well and easily?

It seems a challenge to know what is our path or purpose some days, especially when the outer realities of this life seem to change on a dime, and we think we need to respond or adapt in some way. How can we listen to our heart in these changeable times? Maybe it is when it is most important to do so, as a means to know our own truths for ourselves versus being buffeted about by others wants or actions that may or may not serve our’s or the greater good.

We may be out of practice  of listening to and acting from our hearts. Being in nature, meditating, journalling or any activity that quiets us down is a way to better get in touch with one’s heart/ spirit, as that seems where our real truth and calling comes.  And often it brings a sense of inner peace and feeling of connection. What a gift!

Find that time each day, even if just a minute to breathe, and connect with yourself. “There is no set path. Just follow your heart. ” Ahhhhhhhhh

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