Authentic Power

Feeling inspired seems an important component of aging deliciously. One needs to be lifted now and again. Finding “mentors” from authors we respect,  quotes, maybe others in our lives sharing their lessons with us in the now all can provoke us and inspire. We might see in the world the use of words like power, but it might better be identified as abuse or bullying or mean control over others.

To be reminded of the truth of things, in our own hearts, can be like a beautiful ahhhhhh feeling. Finding an inspired truth that resonates with us can be clear reminders or signposts. It may feel like coming home. Here is a quote from Gary Zukav’s “Seat of the Soul” that may create some ahhhhhh:

When we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose, and meaning. Life is rich and full. We have no thoughts of bitterness. We have no memory of fear. We are joyously and intimately engaged with our world. This is the experience of authentic power. 

May we all find, practice and be our authentic selves experiencing our authentic power in this world.

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