Non-Monetary Wealth

I’ve become intrigued with some new realizations about wealth. Realizing if wealth isn’t more fully circulated, society suffers. If we continue to circulate wealth in the same circles or entities for generations, or segregated economies  don’t have the same benefits and access as privileged populations then we need to make ways for  circulating and investing and loaning wealth into new circles to change that practice.

If we care to be part of healthy change, how do we invest our money or chose pension plans that are part of helping shift patterns, essentially get the money out of Wall Street and into Main Street? To me this is an aging deliciously topic so I am bound to share more as I research and learn more.

Today I read the recent issue of Yes! Magazine, The Good Money Issue.Yes! magazine I am interested to learn more about public banks, non profit investment firms and financial cooperatives. Directing resources to socially responsible organizations and initiatives seems a smart money wave for those interested in diversity, growth, fairness and supporting dynamic, healthy communities.

Also, the idea of non-monetary wealth struck a chord for me in an article written by Vicki Robin, “Revaluing Money: The natural wealth of community that really can solve problems.” She writes of time wealth,  having time to think, do, visit friends, volunteer, travel etc. With that time wealth she also developed a wealth of skills like gardening, building, plumbing, fixing etc. And building close friendships, which takes time and attention to show up in the good and tough moments, celebrate wins, make the effort to stay in touch, and be there for one another. Investing in community is a form of richness and wealth, to volunteer, to help on clean up days, know your neighbors, and attend the important community events.

Naturally these choices and people have to matter to us, yet over a lifetime we invest in our lives. We can invest our time and energy in people and activities we care about in ways that do enhance our natural wealth, well beyond the monetary.



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