New Beginnings

New Beginnings

We can start afresh everyday. Whatever we did or said yesterday, we can start afresh today. We can start our day with our best intentions, words and deeds. It is a minute to minute choice and practice for sure. A personal inner awareness to notice our internal voices and tone. One is ego/fear and one is love/spirit. We all have both inside of us and they co-habitate. We are all made up of shadow and light. We can be nice, we can be harsh. We can be generous. We can be miserly. Nothing is black or white. We are all things. And we can choose and recalibrate.

Now sometimes we can have great intentions, for our hearts and our day. We feel full of love, back the car out of the driveway, and another driver whizzes past. We feel our mood shift as we scream at the other driver. Our good feelings take a wobble, and maybe we felt we  shifted away from our original good intentions. Instead,  we could shrug, laugh at ourselves, and get back to our good intentions. Or just notice how our mood changed because noticing is 50% of self awareness. Noticing does matters.

New beginnings can be anything, be it a personal commitment to oneself, or a time like the New Year or Solstice to take stock, or as part of a move to a new home, new relationship, whatever you consider a new beginning. Create your own meaningful way to acknowledge and honour it. You might want to light some dried sage to “smudge” your new home, or write down and burn what you want to let go of for your new beginning.

Some research says human cells get fully replaced with new ones every 3 months. That way I guess we all can be new beginnings! Or new beings? We can start anew every day. Ahhhhhhh.

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