Vision Boarding :)

Do you know about vision boarding or creating a vision board for yourself? Years ago some friends and I got together to create our individual Vision Boards early in the new year as a way to help manifest what we sought for ourselves in the coming year.

We each had a board or poster surface of our choice, surrounded by magazines, markers, glue, and other decorative supplies of our choice. We were to go through the magazines and just cut out pictures or words or letters that appealed to us. Somehow it is believed that in the non-thinking manner, we will gravitate towards something that helps us create what we say we want. And we aren’t talking monster trucks and endless trips if that is more fantasy than ones’ life or life’s passion, but certainly material things will factor in. And so will the picture of friends smiling and drinking tea together. That might represent a feeling you seek in the coming year.

Once we are surrounded by our cut-out pictures, words and letters, we look at what it might tell us, and start to arrange it to make sense for us and our vision board. We may be surprised by what our cutouts tell us, like how important travel is, or a dinner table surrounded by friends, or to get the promotion in Paris. We cut, arrange and paste. As we finish up, we take time to share with those in the room, what was our experience as we put our vision board together, and what it tells us for the coming year.

Vision boards are to be hung somewhere in your home where you will regularly see it and be reminded of your Vision for yourself. It seems taking the time to vision your year ahead, putting it down concretely, the act gives your mind and heart the message. I have friends who brought their previous year’s vision board to the current session. They could point to the ways their vision board had delivered their vision. Well, my friends had delivered, but the vision board reflected what they themselves wanted and then created for themselves.

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