Multigenerational Friendships

Part of living well and thus aging deliciously is to have healthy social connections, friends and events. An added lift or bonus is to welcome friends of all ages, especially significantly younger friends, into one’s life. Many of us have adult children or friendly grandchildren to visit and enjoy, but friendship is generally different with a different kind of glue holding it together.

We all can be curious and young at heart at any age for sure, yet sometimes hanging with our younger friends can remind us of our lighter side. No matter our age, we all benefit from being with friends we enjoy. Having friends from a younger generation can open us up to new information, ideas and territory…. and maybe add new words to the scrabble game.

Naturally there is a difference of some kind with friendship between age groups, yet with mutual respect for what one another brings to multigenerational friendships, being with younger friends can be enlivening and full of good health benefits.

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