Are we in another Renaissance time? In times of great life changes and challenges we are called on to show our true colors. To practice and be who we most want to be, no matter who is noticing. Many have called these last few decades on earth as the huge quickening, where life as we had known it, and how it worked, no longer does. With fast changing technologies, viruses, leaders, disasters and ways of living happening all at once, including new levels of human strife and attitudes, it boggles the mind. And hearts.

One practice in times of challenge is to know we need one another. Humans heal through having others to lean on and learn from. So, particularly in challenging times, we need to call in every resource, ask for help, tell people what we need. And if they’re not going to be there for us, then they’re not our people. We need to be vulnerable to reach out, and courageous to not settle for what doesn’t support us.

And in a Renaissance what has been hidden or swept under the carpet must be seen and addressed for good change to result. Maybe in our generation of families, or our relationships, communities, organizations, or countries we did not want to admit or look at things. But we are hearing that sunshine is the best disinfectant. We want to shine a light on what is no longer working or what has been in the dark. To see, know and take responsibility for our actions, to own it, that is liberating, and full of light.

And in those challenges and life shifts, as tough as it can be, when we shine the light on the dark, it can feel like a rebirth, a renaissance.

2 thoughts on “Renaissance

  1. Thank you for the reminders, Anne. I think that being consciously vulnerable requires first self-reflection to understand what we need, then being willing and able to articulate that to those who can help. The second part comes under the heading “I can’t give you what you want/need until you tell me.” I sure enough hope we are in a period of Renaissance rather than End Time…

    1. I hear you. the vulnerable part is a toughy one to share sometimes, yet that seems the courage and real strength needed to build connection with one another that many of us say we seek. And think Renaissance, just a lonnnnggg gestation?

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