Being Reasonable

It can feel like we don’t hear enough reasonable voices, voices of people able to think through and share complicated dynamics and issues. And in a quiet, confident way. Emotions like anger and verbal tools like hammers seem to be the public media discourse we are exposed. Do those voices help us learn, better understand, or have a sense of how to help? To witness a reasonable, informed person who is also serving at the USA Federal level, oh my, what a treat. It can feel like a mini oasis to find a reasonable voice in the sea of noise, debris and clutter.

We post this because it seems important. Listening to the first part of this link, of Peter Buttigieg’s speaking, for us it provided a way to rein in our emotions and powerlessness. He speaks to history, context, the bigger picture, what justice of all kinds might look like and where we find ourselves right now. We are grateful for this reasonable voice at this time.

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