New Story

Letting go of the “old stories” we tell ourselves, those stories that might have us stuck in an earlier perception or habit of who we are or how we have always been…well we can let that go it if isn’t working for us. That is the beauty and strength of being a human. We can change our minds which in turn changes our story.

What do we mean by story? Well, it might be whether we feel we have the right to be happy, or whether we see ourselves as someone who could have been a carpenter, but now it is too late. Is it? Isn’t that a story we tell ourselves? Why is it too late if there is something we might enjoy more or be better at or wish we had tried, or always wanted to experience?

If our story is limited or weighing us down, draining, hard, lacks support or goodness, what is the fear or harm in considering changing it? The shift to a new story may not even be noticed by anyone but ourselves, yet inside us, in our core, we might feel a lightness, an absence of weight or being dragged down, even if we appear to be living similarly as before. It could mean waking up with energy and feeling happy or contented about doing chores, versus resistant and dragging one’s feet. It could be about joining forces with a person or organization to take part in an initiative that makes us excitedly scared yet our new story would be “We can do this. Why not?”

Creating a new story is particular and personal to each of us. In these amazing, weird, scary, uncertain times it seems good to consider what matters, what we might regret not doing or being, and choose to do or be that. Choosing new stories takes practice and daily attention.

As we look at the global horizon, it seems an ideal time to revisit our individual stories. If our old story is not serving us in the here and now, we have the capability to write a new story for ourselves which better fits where we find ourselves, and lightens our hearts.

Maybe our whole planet is in the process of finding a new story.

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