Heart Brain * Heart See

The book by Angela Santomero ” Radical Kindness” talks to the idea of, well one, we need more kindness in the world. She describes what she calls Heart Brain or Heart See as the kindest place for humans to act. To act from our heart brain in all things of this world. The idea that our heart does have intelligence (she cites studies) and is faster to know, intuitive, simplifies and is connected to our body and mind/brain responses. She claims the true power, life-changing power comes from kindness and the act of giving and receiving in our living years. For her this heart brain energy, practice and choice would result in more harmony and fewer conflicts.

Many of us are weary of the conflicts and lack of harmony all around us, wishing someone else would stop it or be different, or let go of old stories, or current disagreements. The practice and challenge seems to be to treat ourselves with kindness and consideration too. And treat and see everyone else from that same place as well, be it family or a stranger. Act from our hearts. See with our hearts. Heart See.

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