Investing for Good

As we age, we have a new kind of perspective, a hard earned one in many ways. And investing in what we want more of matters. Be it money, time, people, where we invest those things, says a lot about what we value. And now in aging deliciously, there are some better choices emerging of how we can invest our time, money and energy.

As for money, there are options for impact investing, to invest in areas that we want to support. There are world funds, banks and organizations that are focused on elevating businesses and communities wanting to solve social or environmental problems. Investing your money in organizations supporting your values and the world you want to live in empowers those businesses that do good in the world.

Thankfully this is a growing trend, especially of a new generation leading this charge. It is exciting and makes sense to have more and more funds, banks and organizations focused on socially responsible and sustainable investing, be it a local community or farther afield. As money gets directed towards these initiatives and away from old financial models, we lift up new industry, growth, communities and possibilities.

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