“Put yourself in situations where you thrive.”

What a lovely mantra, or check-in for oneself to take stock, especially in confusing times.  The word to thrive means to flourish or to grow vigorously. We want our plants to thrive. Have we been thinking of thriving in terms of ourselves, our children, the situations we find ourselves? What would thriving feel like? Look like? Do we thrive in certain landscapes or geographies or settings more so than others?

Thriving sounds like it has energy, that the feeling and signs of thriving would be unmistakeable. Why not ask oneself in a time of doubt or confusion, “Am I thriving right now? Do I want to? What do I need to do to thrive?”

Maybe we are thriving and hadn’t thought in those terms before.  Maybe with a slight tweak or the confidence to make a change we could be thriving. Or we now will be on the lookout for situations where we can thrive and make choosing that a priority.


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