Heart and Mind

Aging deliciously seems to include acting from one’s heart, that ones heart is the master of our choices, and the mind then serves that master. Meaning that the mind can plan, organize and get us to our goals, yet when our mind is also in charge and deciding all the time, we seem to lose something important, our connection to who we really are.

It can take time, even unlearning and relearning to know what it feels like to be making a heart connected choice or decision. Usually though a heart connected choice feels good, light, sure and even a sense of ease. The mind may have us analyze, weigh, go back and forth, and sometimes what to do isn’t obvious or clear. Yet it seems when we can quiet ourselves down and really ask and listen for the true heart connected answer, the answer can feel clear and relatively simple. When love or kindness motivates a choice, taking in other criteria too, we can experience less angst and more rightness.

Once “heart” has chosen, or we listen and choose from our heart, then our minds can enact the plans and actions necessary to fulfill our decision. And effort can be involved. It may not be smooth sailing, but the path will not be full of suffering and struggle and the effort will be worth it. Trusting our hearts to be the master, and the mind to be the servant is a valuable practice with valuable outcomes in living the path and purpose we are here to enjoy.

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