Curiosity, or Curiousity :)

Curiosity means wanting to know or learn more. Generally there is an excitement or keen interest as part of one’s curiosity. Curiousity is being intrigued to know more and that interest keeps one engaged in life.

We might think of those who age, that their interests in others and new things wanes. For some it does yet those who stand out and are seen as interesting themselves, it is because they are curious and interested in what is happening around them. Maybe if we weren’t curious in our youth, we won’t become so in our later years yet to remain engaged in life it helps to be curious about people and events.

There is a difference between being curious and being nosey. Curiosity is usually with the desire to learn or know something that helps to better understand that person or that circumstance. Curiosity helps expand one’s knowledge base. Maybe it is splitting hairs, yet nosey is usually to gain information for one’s own sake and pass it along in a way of gossip or to feel superior in some way. Nosey is a negative, low vibration whereas curiosity is a positive, higher vibration. To the outsider maybe curiosity and nosiness can look the same. The difference would be in the intention and later, how the information is used.

Being curious is also a way of expressing interest in a person or thing. To feel curiosity throughout one’s life is a form of openness and a desire to understand. That’s keeps us young at heart, and that’s gotta be part of aging deliciously!

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