Whose Your Tribe?

Who are the people you pull close to yourself in times of good and challenge? Who do you tend to look out for and want to help if you can? Who do you find easy to trust and care about? To work with? Some people talk of having a tribe as a means for moving ahead in ones career, to develop a tribe made up of those folks who help us, open doors of opportunity for us, and have our back and vice versa. An article covering tips for life and work, posited that excelling at work and life aren’t about merit, but actually the tribe mentality. The author claimed men better understood than women that merit and fairness don’t really matter or factor into someone getting a raise or promotion etc. If you are part of a tribe that looks out for you and vice versa, that is how many people succeed.

Is that a tribe in the Whitehouse? If a leader trusts his tribe, like his family, then naturally he would bring them along with him and together they have that belief, history and practice.

Whose your tribe? Or do you believe that doing good work, meeting deadlines, coming within budget alone, that merit will matter? Meritocracy is a myth according to some people. It  makes sense that having people to function as a tribe of sorts, can lift everyone. Is that what we see in fraternities, government parties, families that run organizations and countries? When is a tribe healthy and unhealthy? Loyalty is good but could blind loyalty get in the way of one’s own inner compass and values if you had to ignore how you felt in order to go along with the tribe?

A supportive tribe, with healthy opportunity for dissent and problem-solving sounds ideal. And working together to bring the tribe along, using all the various gifts, talents and experience for the greater good is something worth supporting. If the tribe is open, curious and welcoming to new members, then perhaps within that model merit also would have its’ place, and would matter.

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