Have you found that sometimes words get in the way of understanding? Is that why we feel we understand our animals so well? No words come from them to us, yet we feel understood and connected?

With verbal humans sometimes it seems the best thing to do is to summarize what you think the other person said, and wait for him/her to agree or clarify. How many misunderstandings are because those involved have a slightly different meaning for or association to the words used? Checking for meaning when in discussion is one of the best lessons to learn as a means to reduce conflict, misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Humans and conflict seem to go hand in hand. Misunderstandings or conflict are regular occurrences between and among humans, be it with a partner, neighbor, or country. It is how we approach conflict that determines the outcome. Are we threatened? Angry? Jealous? Curious? Confused? Surprised? Is our mind open or are we closed minded? Do we address it, listen, bully, attack, deny , bury it, or stuff it?

Many of us long for opportunities to talk through our different viewpoints, listen carefully to one another, consider, take time for reflection, and be curious to understand and be understood. That seems the true way to reach fresh and sustainable solutions to what we face.


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