What’s that mean, Ageilicious, and is that really how it is spelled? I don’t know how it is spelled or spelt 🙂 I think it is made up at this point. But a good word, and this is one, the meaning seems clear when it is spoken. I say Ageilicious, or aging deliciously and people laugh and spark up. And that is better than a Senior support group or other themed groups that can be managed as though anyone over 70 is falling apart. Are we? Some may be but they might have been falling apart at 30 as well.

I guess aging well or deliciously is a choice. I can’t say I’m a glowing, strong, age defying specimen/women 🙂 but I sure don’t feel like the photos of 60 year olds we see in the 1950s or earlier. And some of it is a mind style. I mean how one thinks about everything, determines a lot of his/her life don’t you think? Okay, so you are sitting with that friend who tells you all the reasons why something won’t work, and he/she is only telling you that for your own good. Mmmmmm. But the friend who listens, and gives you feedback that relates to what you said, even if it is tough love, that is more about lifting you up. And I say this, because  I believe the people who listen and give us meaningful feedback, that seems an aspect of aging deliciously. Well, to me anyway. And that too is about real friendship. And having friendships that go beyond activity, like going to a party or a movie together, but friends who will come when you call or need them, that kind of friend, that is rare, and something we need as we age deliciously.

Aging deliciously includes an upbeat attitude, being involved with the world and curious about it, and what others are doing. Aging deliciously is being active, moving , being engaged, enjoying life, trying new things, having curiosity for sure, and finding ways to feel connected and productive while sharing the wisdoms earned when it makes sense. And Ageilicious is probably a ton of other things that will unfold and present themselves, in the years ahead. This is new territory.  We aren’t  blue haired permed mamas, nor bent over grandpas. Or maybe we are. Yet our attitude, curiosity and zest for life will amaze and be a window into aging deliciously.

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