We Have Wisdom

As a 50- something, I realize I want time to really converse with others my age, as we do have wisdoms to share. I remember saying to a friend that those our age will age differently then generations before. She later sent me a link to a conference being held in Colorado, about aging and adapting, led by a 30- something.

I’m tired of conferences. I’m tired of being talked to about issues and topics, particularly concerning what I might be going through myself, or what it feels like in this Third Act of our lives. I realized I’d rather hear the other voices of real people like me, that we have earned this spot right now, where we are, and we have SO much wisdom in the room as it is. Just let us talk with one another by exchanging in real time, around real tables, face to face. I imagine these will be the new kind of “conferences”.

I started a series of Age-ilicious Conversational Salon evenings with a friend as an experiment to see if others felt as we did. They did and do. Two things. One, many of us really miss having true conversations with others, where we build on ideas, rather than arguing or disputing, which is what discussions tend to be. And two, there is wisdom in the over 50 group, an interest to converse, listen, share experiences and points of view. In this way, we consider the new thoughts rather than fight them. And we relax, laugh, and enjoy the energizing exchange

I’m interested in reframing how we think and feel about aging, especially in a culture that focuses on youth as being more valuable. It isn’t. It is just one phase of being on this earth. Many of our youth and anyone younger than ourselves really, needs support and mentoring and understanding. This world is hard, and we have insights that can be shared. We can be part of a healthy exchange across our generations.

I plan to age deliciously. There appear to be many others that do too. Yay!

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