2020 Vision…and Boarding

WOW! 2020. A New Decade!

Sometimes when we approach a fresh adventure, or the beginning of something new, some of us make vision boards. Have you ever made a vision board? It is a creative opportunity to prepare for “new beginnings”  giving thought to what we want for the year or months ahead. At the end of our western calendar year is one opportunity for reflection as we head into a new year and now, a new decade.

There are multiple ways to approach creating a vision board including making it a social time with friends, and together we each work on our own vision board.  Maybe we use a piece of art board as the surface, or a cork board and pin rather than glue, or even use an old picture frame. Some of us like casual, some of us make works of art. Gathering magazines, words, cut outs, certain items collected, whatever materials and messages resonate with us as we think about or visualize our vision for ourselves and our life moving forward. Then we cut, paste, organize pictures and photos based on a what we imagine and want for ourselves. And if the future looks like a clean slate, then maybe there is very little on the vision board, leaving room for what will come.

2020 feels like big year.  Maybe even pivotal for many of us on this earth. Why not take time to vision what we want more of, for and from ourselves this year? And for our loved ones and for our communities.  Who doesn’t want 2020 Vision ? (the joke of the year no doubt.)

Happy New Decade. Vision well.