Meeting People Halfway

“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.”— Henry Boye

This quote seems to be describing a human to human way of dealing with one another, one that is broad, good and simple to understand. Nowadays, there seems like many, many theories, paths and trainings available to enhance our awareness and ability to get along. Yet do they? Are the simple humane interactions and practices like meeting someone halfway becoming lost or dropped from our nature?
As humans we seem to be primarily motivated either by our fears and what we fear, or we act from our hearts, trust, love, even when we don’t understand everything. And in the run of a day maybe we will tip back and forth between fear and love, depending how we view the situation?
Yet, when we can reach out to one another from the place of curiosity to learn more so we might better understand our different points of view, well that seems like meeting people halfway. And meeting people halfway seems about the kindest, truest and most humane thing any of us could do for one another. Imagine how that feels to act from that place, and be on the receiving end?
With the turmoil and conflict we can face in relationships, and our greater world, meeting people halfway seems a simple and lovely trip to take.